Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reaching Out for Help

My first personal experience in giving was at around age 11 when I participated in the “Walk for Mankind."  I remember how exciting it was for me to raise money for those in need--then to participate in the walk with other kids.  Though a storm brought the event to an end a bit early, I went home exhausted and happy, and I felt that I'd done something to make a difference...to help others.  

I still enjoy being able to give to others, most recently donating my time as a yoga teacher to raise money for those in need and to offer services for those who could otherwise not afford them..raising $200 for hurricane victims and teaching at a homeless shelter truly gave me more joy than any paycheck ever did.   So this is difficult for me...now I’m the one in need of assistance, and I’m really a fish out of water! It’s hard to ask for help and I’m not experienced (unless you count the past when my mom and brothers would help me with my son or home).

An independent, self employed yoga instructor and holistic nutritionist, I have been unable to obtain substantial medical insurance and now find myself in need of complicated but necessary dental work of totaling over $15,000 in additional surgeries and prosthetics (I already spent $10,000 last year alone).  The procedure of removing nearly all my front teeth, along with extensive gum and bone grafting has begun.  Ironically I've never even had a cavity; however, my gum issues have been an uphill battle which has resulted in failed attempts to save the teeth.  This has been an eye-opening experience as I’ve learned just how important teeth are in maintaining overall health. It is truly painful for me to ask for this assistance--but I will offer my talents with yoga classes and/or nutritional counseling in exchange for your kind assistance should you wish...perhaps you know someone who has been wanting to begin yoga or to eat healthier? This could be a mutually beneficial proposition! Thank you so much for considering a donation, and please let me know if there is something I can do for you.

Below is a link to my ChipIn page.

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