Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pink Elephant in The Room

Greetings.  I debated writing about this in light of the current Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I just could not remain silent any longer.  I get it.  Breast cancer.  The big "C".  I know that according to statistics, about one in every eight woman in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life. I'm 45...I have been out with girlfriends and thought that in our group, it would be a rare thing if at least one of us didn't have to personally address this diagnosis.

So, for years, we have walked, run, purchased products with pink ribbons, worn pink ribbons, donated time and money and energy in efforts to "Race for the Cure" or at least, increase awareness.  While i respect and agree with the idea of increasing awareness and perhaps even eliminating breast cancer entirely, I cannot simply sit idly at the sidelines anymore.  I've raced and raised money.  I have the T shirt to prove it.  But no longer. 

It's October, the traditional month for breast cancer awareness, and this year I want to increase awareness of the "pink scam" that has been going on for years.  Not only do the many companies who place a cute little pink ribbon on their products in efforts to "increase awareness", while simply pocketing the revenue, nothing going towards actual research; but the actual companies who are behind the breast cancer industry is run by pharmaceutical companies and corporations who PROFIT by breast cancer treatments.   And don't even get me started on the crazy campaign regarding Kentucky Fried Chicken and their "Pink Bucket" , who, with Susan B Komen are teaming up..ironic how it is overlooked that the toxic, inhumanely raised chemical laden chickens, deep fried, pesticide laden non-food like substances sold by KFC are very likely some of the contributing factors to the ever growing epidemic of breast cancer in our society.  Yes, I admit it: this pisses me off.

I was recently in the waiting room at my mom's geriatric doctor's office and noticed a magazine, sponsored by a mainstream medical association, which focused on breast health and cancer.  While mentions of self examinations, mammograms and drugs where made, not  one  mention of contributing factors such as phtalates, excitotoxins, pesticides, diet or holistic treatments (alternative or integratitive) were to be found. 

I think it is terrific to be aware, concerned, and proactive; I just think we have been duped as a society into donating a lot of time and money to hypocritical companies which are not only adding to the contributing factors of breast cancer, but also who have a conflict of interest and make their money by selling drugs to treat breast cancer.  The focus and money needs to go to breast cancer..or make that just plain cancer prevention and corporations like Ford, major drug companies, and KFC should be seen for what they really are: profit driven giants whose intentions are simply misguided and possibly even harmful.

OK....I'll shut up.  For now. 


  1. it is vital that we tell it like it is... thanks for the eloquence.

  2. THIS IS AWESOME! I have been aware of this for sometime now. I am posting this on my FB page and will spread the word as best I can. THANK YOU!